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Paul Renner

State House Representative 


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Travis Hutson

State Senator


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HB 1

Expanded School Voucher Progam

Will move up to $4 Billion dollars from public schools to private schools with very little oversight.  Frightening when you understand how little requirements and oversight there could be for a school.


HB 19

Individual Education Plan

This bill would include ways in which students with IEPs could provide informed consent to allow parents to continue to participate in educational decisions.


HB 225

Interscholastic and Intrascholastic Activities

This bill would give the governor total control over the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA)


HB 477

Term Limits for District School Board Members

Would reduce term limits of school board members from 12 years to 8 years.


HB 837

Civil Remedies

This expansive tort reform bill will make it harder for victims to seek justice.


SB 114

Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products

Exempts the sale of diapers, incontinence undergarments, incontinence pads, and incontinence liners from the sales and use tax.


SB 144


Lactation space in courthouse

Requires at least one lactation space in each county courthouse for breastfeeding mothers to pump or feed their babie.


SB 150

Public Safety

This is the permitless carry gun bill that is falely named and will harm public safety


SB 292

Healthy Food Financing Initiative

Financing Initiative program that provides grants and loans, for the construction, rehabilitation, or expansion of independent grocery stores, supermarkets, community facilities, or other retail outlets to increase access to affordable fresh produce and other nutritious food in underserved communities.


SB 342

Minimum Base Salary for Full-time Classsroom Teachers

The “Save Our Teachers Act” will increase the minimum salary for teachers to $65,000 per year.


SB 360

Causes of Action Based on Improvements to Real Property

revises time in which action founded on design, planning, or construction of improvement to real property must be commenced